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    Forests Conservation and Management

Our Strengths

Advocacy and Lobbying
KFWG's legislative team is dedicated to preserving ...
Information Sharing
Organizing forums such as KFWG monthly meetings...
Policies and Legislation
Policies and legislation are developed through a process ...

Welcome to Our Website

KFWG was formed in 1995 as a forum of individuals, organizations and institutions (government and non government, local and international) and community organizations concerned with forests, working together to promote sound forest management and conservation practices in Kenya. Its mission is to promote sustainable forest management in Kenya through research, advocacy, networking and partnerships development for improved livelihoods for all Kenyans. Its strongest function is to provide a watchdog role through its forest monitoring activities and related advocacy actions, as well as influencing policy and preparing communities for participatory forest management.

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KFWG Membership Form - Read/Download

Proceedings of the 2nd National Participatory Forest Management Conference - 2014 - Read/Download

Draft Charcoal Rules and Regulations 2015 - Read/Download

Governance in Kenya Forest Sector - Read / Download

Devolved Forestry Functions Framework - 2015 - Read / Download

Forest (Conservation and Management) Bill,- 2015 - Read / Download

Forests (Conservation and Management) Policy - 2015 - Read / Download

Manual on Forming and Registering Community Forest Associations (CFAs - Read / Download)

Participatory Forest Management Guidelines - Read / Download

Manual on Preparation of a Participatory Forest Management Plan (PFMP) - Read / Download

Our Activities

Capacity Building and Training

One of the most fundamental ideas associated with capacity building is the idea of building the capacities of institutions and individuals ...

Forests Conservation and Management

Forests influence climate, landform and soil composition and they exist in a wide variety.

Partnerships and Networking

Having allies on your side such as national and county government, civil society organizations ....

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